For a long time athletes were using steroids in international competitions. The Olympics in the 1950’s were dominated with athletes using steroids; with furazobol being one of them. Even when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) tried to regulate steroid use by the performance of tests on the athletes, they could never detect furazobol in the blood of the athletes who used them. It is one of the most interesting steroids in the world but with technology it is now possible to detect furazobol in the bloodstream of its users so you cannot pull a fast one on the IOC. It is used to reduce the level of lipids in the body of an athlete and has for a long time been used in medicine to treat arteriosclerosis. People who use steroids are not fast on this one and many more are wondering if furazobol exists at all.

There are lipids that are classified as good since it is easy for the body to digest them into energy, whereas there are those that are classified as empty and come in the form of processed fatty foods. It is the bad cholesterol that causes High blood pressure and other diseases of the heart. Furazobol works to remove these fats from the body of the user.


Furazobol needs to be used more frequently than many other types of steroids since it reaches its peak very fast and leaves the body just as fast. The effectiveness of furazobol cannot be put to disrepute but one needs to replenish it in the bloodstream as fast as possible since it is effective for a very short period of time. Many steroids aromatize; a process which increases the level of estrogen in the blood of the user. This is not good since men will start developing female characteristics aside from having to deal with high blood pressure. However, furazobol does not aromatize and does not affect the supply of the body’s own testosterone. The daily dosage of furazobol is regulated and is put at 2-6mg but if this is exceeded it may cause a lot of liver problems to the user.

There is a catch; for this furazobol to give good results one needs to use it more and for this reason getting a liver complication is something that is very possible. The virilization characteristics among women are a reality when using furazobol. The development of a deeper voice and facial hair can be very embarrassing. Then there are the infertility issues that are part of the virilization symptoms caused by the overuse of furazobol.

It is best for use by lean muscle builders but not bodybuilders. This is because the latter group need a lot more muscle and therefore need a lot more furazobol. On average an athlete will need 10 to 20 tablets of furazobol in a single day. This is beyond the reach of many users since furazobol is not exactly the cheapest steroid around. Actually this is one of the negative sides of furazobol.

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